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Here at Little Learner's we believe in more than just day care! We plan a curriculum each week, that vary by class. We have a monthly theme, and every 2 weeks the two younger classrooms focus on a different color, number,  shape and letter! Each classroom also plans weekly art projects based on our theme.

Our Preschool and Pre-K classes use an app called ClassDojo so that our parents can communicate with us throughout the day as well as see their children's behavior each day, ouch reports, notes about special events, as well as photos of their children daily. 
The infant classroom uses an app called DailyConnect where the teachers post when the children eat, sleep and get their diapers/clothes changed. Parent's are available to communicate to the teachers in the app, as well as view pictures of their children that the teachers take.

Green Room (3 1/2 years and potty trained-5 years)

This classroom focuses on preparing your child for kindergarten. While they have plenty of free play for your child to have fun and use their imagination, they also have daily planned table activities based on what they are learning that day. The children in this room already know all of their shapes, colors, numbers, and letters, so the activities are not geared towards just one of each category, they are based on all shapes, colors, etc. They are also learning to write their name in this classroom.
We also work from a book called "Your Child Can Read in 100 Easy lessons". This gives each child basic reading skills that will help them when they enter kindergarten.

Blue Room (2 years-3 1/2 years)​

  The Blue room starts with name recognition and spelling, and some will leave the youngest group knowing how to spell their first and last name. The younger group also practices tracing lines, so they can practice hand eye coordination and holding a pen the correct way. In the older group, they trace our letter of the week and practice tracing their name. This classroom also teaches a new letter of the alphabet every two weeks, as well as a color, shape, and number.

Yellow Room (6 weeks-2 years)

The Yellow Room teaches name recognition, colors, shapes, numbers,and letters through song and repetition. 
The infants are given time for learning to lift their heads, tummy time, crawling, etc.

After School Children (5 years-12 years)

During the school year, once the children arrive at Little Learner's (two of our teachers walk to Cajon Park school to pick them up, but we will accept children from other schools as long as they have their own transportation), they are given a snack and bottle of water. After their snack, they have a short free play time outside. After this, they have reading/homework time. The children are split up into groups (K-1st grade and 2nd-6th grade). There is one teacher for each group who can assist in homework and reading practice. Once reading/homework time is over, there is an activity planned each day. Those activities may consist of dodgeball, kickball, soccer, softball, board games, science experiments, etc.
During the summer, the children are given assignments to do throughout the day, an art project, learning games, reading time, fun indoor/outdoor activities and fun local field trips.

If you have any questions, or would like to schedule a walk through of our center, please call or email us! 
We would love to hear from you, as well as meet your child(ren)!


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